About Me


Since I was a young child, I have always had a strong love and connection with animals. I believe that animals have a natural ability to heal, but sometimes need help doing so. I enjoy being able to help animals regain their health and well being. My passion is helping animals be happy throughout their different life stages and changing health.

I believe a holistic approach to healing should be used in stages of sickness and health. I see each animal as an individual. By considering animals as a whole, I am able to use a variety of healing modalities that take into account each animal’s emotional and physical differences. By doing this, the treatments are able to reach the root cause of the illness, helping to bring about lasting health.

Western medicine works well for acute illness, but doesn’t always have solutions for chronic problems. I see my practice working along with Western medicine. Chinese medicine and acupuncture are non-invasive means of healing, enabling treatment of even debilitated and older animals that Western medicine sometimes cannot treat.

I bring my love, experience, intuition, and knowledge to my practice, which is exclusively acupuncture and holistic medicine. I combine acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition counseling, and energetics to help my patients. I have treated cats, dogs, and rabbits and have worked with animals of all ages.

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My qualifications include:

  • Certification in Veterinary Acupuncture, American Institute of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, 2005
  • Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University, 1999
  • Bachelor of Arts, Zoology, University of Washington, 1995